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In my career I have always found myself working on novel issues in burgeoning industries. In the late 90’s it was the telecom industry, in the early 2000’s it was the deregulated energy industry and today it’s the exploding tech industry full of brilliant entrepreneurs working on new and innovative products. I work with entrepreneurs in these industries because they have a passion and joy that is both authentic and contagious that you don’t see enough of in today’s established corporations. I see my job as to help these entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of bringing their companies to market and bettering society. That’s why this firm is a friend of the D.C. tech community and will always be here to help you reach your business goals.


The telecommunications industry has changed significantly during our lifetimes. It’s the foundation of change for our society and helping organizations navigate those changes is where this firm best helps its clients.



Chris advises energy companies in federal, state and local energy issues. He served as Manager of Regulatory Affairs/In house counsel at ACN Energy where he specialized in electric and natural gas regulatory matters.

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